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ahhh that was great

Very professionally done, and really funny too.. Love this style of humour. "IF ONLY I COULD GET THAT KISS!'


looks like you were inspired by ryan khatam or john k hey? you did pretty well doing that style, keep it up!

crissfilic is kind of silly

yeah the last reviewer saying how this movie is too kiddy for this 'hardcore' webiste? what the hell man?! that's so retarded, since when has this been a 'hardcore' website? anyways, realllly good animation, i love how clean it is.

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it's a pretty good game, the controls are okay. i think all of the people complaining are a bunch of uncoordinated idiots. besides wasd, there's 3 keys to learn, it's pretty fucking simple.

sweet beats, dog

i liked how you used *most*(song 7 some random asian song?) music from audio portal, i know that can be tiresome checking for which songs you want from that.. too bad you didn't make this up earlier before my history final exam, though i did enough of my own studying anyways. did you decide to make this after you flunked a test and wished you had studied more?

Moosh responds:

Lol, well I didn't flunk anything but the messy binder I had at exams made it almost impossible for me to study efficiently :P

really great

damn probably best flash shooter i've played.. i love the powering up weapons to shoot the bubbles farther.. and how they bounce, it just adds such a unique feel to the game. it just need more levels or something, just like a bunch of other people said, it just needs some more variety and it'll be a real winner.

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hah awesome

i think i just may use this for my movie- i'll credit ya if i do ^^

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i like this. i also like the human proxy you used, hah. He'd be a cool character in a game, no face or anything, just really animated.

really digging your compositions, it has a unique clean look to them. your stuff would work so well in an adventure point and click.

hah yeah, cyrus has a point. this is real nice and all, but yeah, her butt is unnaturally flat. that straight seam in her pants by her butt crack i think coulda been curved to help that a lot. i wouldn't have noticed it if cyrus didn't say it sooo.. whatevs ahah.

Hey, sup.



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